The Agency for French Education Abroad, an operator of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, manages and supports a network of 540 schools in 138 countries. This network welcomes more than 365,000 pupils, 60% of whom are foreign pupils, to whom it guarantees access to educational excellence across the world. Unique in its scope and density, as well as in its unity, guaranteed by the approval granted and verified by the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, the network of French senior high schools abroad is one of the key players in France’s external action.

The AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) reconciles the provision of a public education service for French expatriate families with the promotion of our language, our culture and the values of French education by opening itself up to foreign pupils. The AEFE has therefore implemented an innovative educational policy in keeping with the curriculum of the French Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, while also being open to the language and culture of the host country.

By enrolling your children in an accredited French educational institution, you are opting for educational excellence for all. This means opting for a multilingual education and exposing them to multiple cultures. This also means surrounding them in a culture of autonomy, reflection and social commitment, knowing how to live together and training them for citizenship. In conjunction with French diplomatic posts, this model can be adapted to the local people and context, in compliance with local regulations.

Significant reforms by the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports – particularly the senior high school reform with a view to the new baccalaureate in 2021 – have been fully implemented to ensure the provision of high-quality teaching to families and pupils in full compliance with French directives. Management staff, staff seconded from the French education system and staff recruited under local contracts are all involved in these projects. Excellent exam results (diplôme national du brevet (DNB) and baccalauréat) attest to the quality of our teaching. This is also reflected in the fact that many of our alumni go on to study at the best grandes écoles and universities in France and abroad.

The French education network abroad is supplemented by two programs, LabelFrancÉducation and FLAM. These programs respond to the wide diversity in demand for a French education around the world. The development of excellent bilingual institutions within foreign education systems is therefore encouraged through the LabelFrancÉducation certification. French children who do not attend a French educational institution abroad are supported in their learning of the French language by the FLAM (French as a mother tongue) program.

As part of its operations, the FLAM draws on many of its partners, who form a true school community: parents, alumni, elected representatives of French nationals living abroad, staff representatives, sporting institution partners, and educational and media institutions. Everyone works together to ensure the success of all pupils.
Olivier Brochet Director of the AEFE

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