At La Petite École, the French national curriculum is taught in French and English by two native teachers for children from nursery (TPS, 2 years) up to the 3rd (GS, 6 years) year of preschool – Cycle 1.


At La Petite Ecole, we have chosen to teach the official French curriculum, in both French and English. In today’s global social and economic context, we believe that it is essential for our pupils to learn English to prepare them for the future, enabling them to open out to the world at all levels.


And it is within this caring family environment that children play, build, learn and evaluate themselves. The school's exceptional environment, with its natural, wooded and peaceful setting, and its nearby sports facilities, is an additional asset.


The Agency for French Education Abroad, an operator of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, manages and supports a network of 540 schools in 138 countries. This network welcomes more than 365,000 pupils, 60% of whom are foreign pupils, to whom it guarantees access to educational excellence across the world.

Safety and Caring : our commitment at AEFE

Discover our commitment to safety with the AEFE protocol: 'Prevention of sexual violence.' Consult this essential guide to understand our preventive measures and educational policy. Together, let's ensure a safe and caring environment for every child. Please note that the protocol is available only in French. We remain available for any discussions or clarifications.

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