Words from the School Principal

Patricia Douvry
Patricia Douvry School principal La Petite Ecole Bangkok

Patricia Douvry

French, 22 years of experience in teaching as a teacher, school director, and trainer.

Passionate about cultural discoveries and pedagogy, I am primarily specialized in early childhood education for the past 14 years. I initially served as a school director and later became a trainer in France.

In 2018, an opportunity led me to open the first preschool in Morocco, accredited in 2019. In the same year, I assumed the role of headmistress of the primary school with 35 classes from Petite Section to CM2 (also accredited by AEFE). I was responsible for the continuous training of teachers and the Inclusive School department.

Improving pedagogical practices, collaborating with parents, and welcoming all children to provide them with the best possible education were my primary goals.

By offering bilingual and multicultural education, La Petite Ecole is primarily focused on the child, with the daily objective of fostering students’ well-being and continuous progress in a caring and positive environment.

Therefore, leading La Petite Ecole Bangkok is an opportunity for me to reconnect with the world of early childhood education, which I am passionate about, while actively contributing to the ongoing pursuit of progress and the best possible care for your children.

I remain convinced that preschool, the key to success in school, is where a child develops and acquires their initial learning experiences, establishes a trusting relationship with school, and, most importantly, develops their language, autonomy, and self-esteem, laying the foundation for becoming a future enlightened adult and citizen.

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