At our early years school, we provide a nurturing curriculum that supports each child's growth, with age-appropriate classes tailored to their needs.

Nursery (TPS)

From 2 years


1st year of early years school (PS)

3-4 years


2nd year of early years school (MS)

4-5 years


3rd year of early years school (GS)

5-6 years



We believe that it is important for children to develop within an educational setting and with trained teachers, whose initial learning will then allow them to enter primary school with greater confidence. By choosing to enroll your child in an Odyssey TPS, you are giving them the opportunity to lay the foundations for harmonious development within a caring environment perfectly suited to their age. And most of all, you will be allowing them to gently start out on a truly solid multilingual journey, where French is combined with English and the local national language.

Our preschool embodies a particular strength of the French education system: entry into learning from a very young age. Pupils learn to become more precise in their intentions and more demanding in their achievements, and experience the satisfaction of feeling themselves grow and progress. They become aware of the benefits of learning. The main aim of preschool is to help each child become independent and acquire knowledge and skills. Our French preschool follows the official French curriculum, which sets out specific skills to be mastered. Learning is structured around progression and takes place through class projects.

The specific features of Odyssey Group preschools:

The strength of our establishments is providing, from the start of preschool, a truly multilingual education (French, English, and the local national language). The organization of school time is most often structured according to time parity: one day in French / one day in English. Our students thus acquire rich oral language skills, helping them succeed in their subsequent education.



A multilingual education

by native teachers


Access for pupils of all nationalities,

regardless of their command of the French language


A perfectly safe environment


An active and caring education

that promotes the acceptance of pupils and the pleasure of learning

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