At La Petite Ecole, we have chosen to teach the official French curriculum, in both French and English. In today’s global social and economic context, we believe that it is essential for our pupils to learn English to prepare them for the future, enabling them to open out to the world at all levels.

Teaching in an additional foreign language enriches our lessons, encouraging our pupils to develop a true open mind and a more desirable array of human behaviors. The younger the child is at the time of learning, the better their command of the language.

French remains high in demand; it is the second-most taught foreign language in the world and the number of French speakers has been growing steadily over the past five years.


In our school, two teachers take charge of the class: a French-speaking teacher and an English-speaking teacher. Both are graduates and natives of France and of an English-speaking country respectively. They work in tandem to develop a joint teaching and learning process, in accordance with the French national curriculum. Our pupils alternate between their French- and English-speaking teachers.

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