Lycée Français International, Antwerp

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The Lycée Français International is a school under agreement with the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad).

The school currently has some 150 pupils, from 2.5 years to 18 years of age.

To support this diversity of pupils, an ambitious cultural and linguistic openness policy has been put in place. Because the vocation of French high schools is to integrate into their host region, emphasis has been placed on learning Dutch.

The high school provides a bilingual French-English education from the 2nd year of preschool – Cycle 1 (MS). From the 2nd year of primary school – Cycle 2 (CE1) to the 5th year of primary school – Cycle 3 (CM2), families can choose between a French-English, or French-Dutch bilingual education.

Le Lycée propose dès la moyenne section de maternelle (2ème année) une scolarité bilingue français-anglais. Du CE1 au CM2, les familles peuvent choisir entre une scolarité bilingue français-anglais ou français-néerlandais.

The Lycée Français International, located just 40 kilometers from Brussels, hosts pupils in the very best conditions, thanks to the excellent rail links putting Antwerp just 35 minutes from Brussels Central Station.

The school comprises:

Large classrooms

1 large tree-lined playground

1 indoor sports hall

1 theater

1 canteen

1 library

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