La Petite Ecole welcomes the French Ambassador to Thailand!

Thrilling encounter and distinguished visitor

We are thrilled to share some exciting news from La Petite Ecole Bangkok! Recently, we had the honor of hosting the French Ambassador to Thailand, Mr. Jean-Claude Poimboeuf, along with the COCAC (Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Action), Ms. Eve Lubin.

Meeting a devoted team

The ambassador had the opportunity to tour our French preschool, exploring our recently renovated facilities. His visit provided the perfect occasion to meet our entire team, including administrative staff, dedicated teachers, and school support personnel.

Commitment to education

We take pride in showcasing the ongoing efforts to provide an optimal learning environment for our young students. The ambassador expressed satisfaction with our commitment to education and commended initiatives aimed at consistently improving our facilities.

Strengthening ties and acknowledgments

This visit strengthened our ties with the French community in Thailand and underscored the significance of Franco-Thai education. We extend our gratitude to Mr. Jean-Claude Poimboeuf and Ms. Eve Lubin for their inspiring visit. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on events at La Petite Ecole Bangkok !